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How To Make Your Blogger Account By Saransh Sagar ?? | Gyansagar ( ज्ञानसागर )

Search Blogger or Blogger.com in Google or any searching platforms like Mozilla Firefox. After it, you will see this screen.

Click on Create Your Blog and after clicking, you will see a page redirecting on it

Now choose your account to sign in in Blogger. Type you password and then you will see a web page something like below !

Click on Continue to Blogger. After this you will see a webpage like below

Now Click on CREATE NEW BLOG. After it you will see choices of some blog's templates like below !

You can see that there are lots of themes for which we can use it for Blogging.. Choose any theme as per convenient. 

Type your Title name & Blogger Address which you want to show on your Blogger account ! Likewise I write Free Blogging Tips Online and blogger address is freebloggingtipssonline.blogspot.com. One thing must kept in mind that anyone can use same Blogger Title but not Blogger Addressso a person who is new in Blogger world should check Blogger Address carefully because this address is used by readers to read any post on blog. Duplicate or same Blogger Address is not allowed.
Now after choosing Theme , Click on Create Blog ! Now search your Blog by typing your Blogger Address in Google or any other search engines ! Now you will see your Blog look like below

This is what I make my Blog for only teaching purpose. One can make his Blog very beautiful by giving enough time to it. There are some template other than Blogger which I used in my Free Blogging Tips Online BlogI will write about all of these in further tutorials !  Till Then Jai Siya Ram

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