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How To Insert Fb Comment Plugin In Blogger By Saransh Sagar ?? | Gyansagar ( ज्ञानसागर )

As every author,writer wants likes & comments in what he posted or shared with readers ! so people like this generally prefer Facebook where readers easily send,give their views on what the Author shared with them !  I am one of those who generally writes on Facebook but I want to check total numbers of readers which Facebook never tell me ! Most of the option like reactions or comment is not available in Blogger like Facebook ! So we have to do some extra effort for geetting this ! Go to this link to get Comment Plugin-https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/comments.

Now you have to copy permalink of that post from right side of the edit section of Post !
Here what it looks !

After copying it, go to Comment Plugin and paste it to Url to Comment box.

Click on get code on  ! Now you will see the code page appearing over the existing web page 

Now copy code of step 3 and paste it to the html section at the end of the post from which you copy the post link to generate Comment Code !

Now after publishing, Refresh the post if opened already or Open that particular post where you use Like plugin. Now a Comment button is embeded in post ! Sometimes, this plugin is not supported in templates other than Blogger.com. So it is not necessary that this plugin works in everywhere.

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