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How To Insert Fb Page Like Plugin In Blogger By Saransh Sagar ?? | Gyansagar ( ज्ञानसागर )

Just copy the below code which is in green colour and paste it to the edit section of particular post in HTML section wherever you want to embed ! Just pay attention to insert while you embedding this code !

<div class="fb-page" 

Replace the words in red colour by your facebook page username.You can insert this code in Layout section where you find a option of Add a Gadget see in right sideClick on this and you will find HTML/Java Script in 4th place. Just paste on it and refresh. Now,your Facebook Page will appear on your Blog.It is not necessary that this code apply on all templates of Blog so I should recommend not to trust that this code works in every template ! There are lots of code in html/java-script which provide Blogger to show Facebook Page !  Till Then Jai Ma Jwala

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